Should you choose to accept it…

Mission: Work Placement Episode One
Objective: Successfully integrate into a professional publishing environment, completing tasks as they are set by superiors while outwardly displaying a friendly, competant manner.
Estimated Length of Mission: 13 business days
Status: Ongoing

Day One Mission Report

0831:  Transportation arrives. Travel with agents Ken Jennings and JT, who are on intersecting missions.
0935:  Approach headquarters. Prepare for first face-to-face meeting with commanding agents.
0937: Briefing on mission specifications. Acquisition of necessary tools and documents. Construction of home base.
1125: Meet with JT re: rations and intelligence exchange.
1150: Review documents. Begin task UMP001.
1400: Discussion with commanding agents re: past missions and qualifications. Return to task UMP001.
1647: Deconstruct home base. Confirm transportation arrangements.
1800: Enter residence. Prepare for Day Two.

Agent inksplAt bookworm

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