Be it resolved.

Ink splAters, friends.

We’re almost halfway through the first month of the new decade and many people are embarking on the thrilling beginnings of their New Year’s resolutions.

This year I decided that I was not going to be one of those people. Come Jan 1 I was unemployed and slightly heartbroken, leaving me unable to quite muster the energy to think three days in the future, let alone 365. Despite the fact that I love lists, goals, and planning, I let the obligatory time for goal-setting pass and instead said goodbye to 2009 with a few choice friends without mention of resolutions.

But  now that I’ve stopped moping (mostly) and my so-far-fantastic work placement has forced me into productivity and action, I feel inspired to write down some objectives. I figure that because it is still January I am obligated to call them resolutions, as much as I would rather not. So here goes:


(beginning with the most cliche)

1)   Get back in shape.

Alright, I know everybody says this, but it’s going on the list anyway. My stationary bike misses me, and my oh-so-gorgeous birthday dress would look extra fantastic if I was as fit as I was this summer. Also, one of the last free books I got from the store was a title called “Shape Up, Size Down”.

I read it yesterday (which was a first for me actually… I’ve never read a fitness book before) and it seems pretty good. The program is simple, taking up a minimum of time and employing basic equipment. The book gives clear descriptions and explanations, with pictures for each step of all the exercises, and manages to be an easy read without sounding patronizing.  My favorite thing about it? The program is mapped out for four weeks. So I’m commiting to this plan for a month, to see if Sally Lewis really knows what she’s talking about, or if I should simply go back to my summer workout routine. I’ll let you folks know.

2)   Read outside of my comfort zone

A fitness book was a good start I think, but if anyone would like to recommend and lend philosophy, true crime, and biography books, not to mention graphic novels, I would feel obligated to fulfill this resolution.

3)   Write more thank-you notes

It’s just a nice gesture.

4)   Run a Marathon

Considering that one of the goals of my 5-year plan is to run three marathons a year, I think I’d better start as soon as possible.

5)   Complete 10 things off my “Things to do before I die” list

I told you I liked lists. My ”Things to do before I die” list originally had over 300 entries. I’ve whittled it down slowly, but I figure I need to cross off at least 10 this year, just for my own happiness.

6) Start compiling a Library

Okay. I have many many many books. But what fills my bookshelves right now does not necessarily include my favorite titles. There are dozens of books that I’ve borrowed from friends, family, or the public library that I adored and simply never got around to buying. This, I feel, is unacceptable. In 2010 I will begin to amass the Library (I feel it deserves a capital L) of my dreams.

That’s all for now.

A resolved and resolute S.E. Lund.

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