I’ve been placed.

‘Ello. Hi.

It’s 2010 and here I am, five days in, at a crossroads. What to do with this literary blog of mine? I describe ink splAt as an “adventure in bookselling”, but that particular adventure has ended for the time being and without the silliness and story of my former job I’m not quite sure what this blog is anymore.

Luckily, I won’t have to make a decision about this lovely collection of musings for about three weeks. I’ve been placed, you see. My first of two work placements begins tomorrow and I’ll be working in the marketing department of a small publisher. I’m nervous, to be honest, but also excited. The point at which books and PR intersect seems like the ideal place for me and should potentially give me fuel to keep this book-devoted train chugging for the rest of the month.

I feel as if JT is sending me disapproving glances for not paying closer attention to the Canada vs. US final, so I’m going to stop typing and be patriotic. Ooh. Down 5-3. Not so good.

A soon-to-be publishy inksplAt bookworm.

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