Challenge yourself to write less.

Can you write a story in 50 words or less? That’s the goal of fellow writers & bloggers at 50 Items or Less ,”a digital community that seeks to foster creativity and inspire each member to challenge themselves to think differently, deeply, and without limitation.” The only rule of the group is to keep their creative “mini-sagas” to exactly 50 words, or sometimes fewer if the integrity of the work would be challenged by pushing it to 50.


One example I like, by Kristina Skaggs on March 12, is as follows: “I will see her after we graduate college. She looks the same; her hair is the same, smiles and giggles the same. I’ll look in the crowd for someone else to talk to; she’ll be doing the same, because we have nine years in common and nothing to talk about.”


Here is my first attempt: “The big hill in my parent’s yard is dew-filled, cold, after dusk in September. I shiver, need a jacket, pretend I’m warm, climb to the top. Laughing, I lie down and start to roll again. The world is chilled giddy chaos, but rights itself when I wrap around his sneakers.”


Thoughts? Post your own attempt in the comments section, or email me at and I’ll add it to my next post!


Creatively yours,


S.E. Lund

One thought on “Challenge yourself to write less.

  1. Thank you so very much for mentioning our page. I love your piece. We would be flattered to include one of your mini-saga efforts on our page if you were interested in submitting one sometime. I’m going to share your post on Facebook so that folks can see some of the great work you are creating here at 10000 Hours. Anyone who can appreciate the artistry and difficulty of the mini-saga is alright by me!

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