Why you should be blogging right now!

Hello readers,

Blogging is an incredible way to get into the habit of long-form writing. Authors like Anne Lamott – sidenote: Please read her honest and entertaining book about writing, Bird by Bird. If I know you, I’ll even lend it to you. – understand that half the battle is training yourself to sit down and write every day. Putting something down on (screen)paper is essential. Only if you write many many many things will you be able to dig out the gold among the detritus in the (digital) trash. Having a blog is a great way to get into this habit.

Why else should you be blogging right now? Because almost as much as you want to be an extraordinary creative writer, you want a job. According to the Society of Digital Agencies’ annual outlook survey, “blog writing, editing, and copywriting were named an increased 2012 priority by 61% of organizations, and an ongoing priority for 37%” (“Wanted: People who can actually write . . . and edit”). This makes being a good blogger the #1 digital talent an employer is looking for. Demonstrating strong long-form writing and editing skills, creating engaging content, and being able to attract readers are prized skills to hiring organizations.

Your blogging encourager and career advisor,

S.E. Lund

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