Fringing my heart out

Hey all! Here are some simple reviews of the 24 Winnipeg Fringe Festival performances I’ve seen so far, as posted on Instagram in reverse chronological order:

And now to @uofwinnipeg (school 2 for the day) for science… or rather #ScientistTurnedComedian @timxlee at #WpgFringe. A stand-up act deserves a venue with beer, but there was something consistent about the academic setting from the PhD comedian. 3.5 endangered vaquita (look them up!) out of 5.

Back to school at @redrivercollege for #SexEd at #WpgFringe. I’ve been waiting for a show that has a deep-down, meaningful effect on me, and today I found it! @kipema is funny, honest, brave, and so genius. I’d like to be her new BFF so someone will finally do Disney karaoke with me. 5 Bulldog Balls out of 5.

Want to see talented people do weird, creative, and musical things that you never would have dreamed up? #FruitFliesLikeABanana by @thefourthwallensemble is your Fringe show. 4.5 “bloodlusty” oceanic tunes out of 5.

@peternchris deliver laughs, fights, and reconciliation (not to mention physicality, showmanship, puns, acting…) in the silly and delightful #PeterVsChris. 4 man slips out of 5.

#SwordPlayAPlayOfSwords by @sextrexcomedy is all action, nerdiness, and fun. 4 informative sound effects out of 5.

@soundandfurycomedy’s #DoctorWhom is an hour of relaxed goofiness from three performers who are quick, imaginative, and made to have an audience. 4 TARDIS onesies out of 5.

David Eliot’s #AMAZE has too many dad jokes and mediocre comedic timing, but the magic is great. 3 lemon nesting dolls out of 5.

#RapGuideToConsciousness was impressive, eye-opening, fun, and… cool 😎. Rap and neuroscience are strange and beautiful bedfellows. Look out @edfringe, @bababrinkman is coming for you. 5 panpsychic octopi out of 5.

#Josephine. What to say? Tymisha Harris is a goddess. Actually worth 10x the paltry ticket fee. This’ll get 5 erotic Jazz Age banana dances out of 5, but is really in a class of its own.

A tight show, fun audience participation, and solid acting make #FearForest a good choice at #WpgFringe. 3 park ranger manuals out of 5.

Happy I sugar-loaded on a @cake_ology ice cream sammie before #ThePlacesWeGo at #WpgFringe. It was 34 min (oddly), but so slow that it felt like an hour. If you’ve never seen shadow puppetry before, it was probably cool, but if you’ve seen awesome shadow puppetry before (lookin’ at you @mysticalpuppetcompany), #ThePlacesWeGo only deserves 2.5 chickadee sidekicks out of 5.

Honest and thankfully not awkward, #LaurenAndAmandaDoIt at #WpgFringe is a funny, sexy, and relaxed talk show. 4 Mona Lisa Moments out of 5. (Plus, I got to spin the BIG WHEEL!!)

#HotterThanPotter with the captivating @keithhbrown is a must-see at #WpgFringe. 5 coloured-in cakes out of 5.

If you’re interested in zombie philosophy, #MrFlubbersUndeadLegions at #WpgFringe is worth a view. But otherwise… this gets 2.5 paper mâché bananas out of 5.

#ComedyIsFunnyAgain is charming wittiness. 4 vaudeville ghosts out of 5.

@ottoandastrid #Eurosmash is predictably hilarious, loud, & physical. 4.5 bags of salt & vinegar chips out of 5.

#TheCanadaShow from @monstertheatre is as good as hoped… which is saying something. 4 drunk John A MacDonalds out of 5.

#TheInventorOfAllThings from Jem Rolls is how I wish all history was taught in schools (so much energy! So much intrigue!). 4 pompous physicists out of 5.

Missed out on my “planned” show, and wandered into #FlightThePlay instead. Simple storytelling and beautiful dancing make this a gorgeous 45 minutes. 5 tamed turtles out of 5.

#OliveCopperbottom at #WpgFringe! This Dickensian musical comedy is hilarious, and Penny Ashton is an awe-inspiring chameleon. 5 bawdy tavern songs out of 5. Even better than #PromiseAndPromiscuity

#SchrodingersCat at #WpgFringe was ridiculous, goofy, and entertaining. 3.5 Zeus bosons out of 5.

Me & the fam check out #DangerousMagic at #WpgFringe. A prop malfunction made the “big” trick a no-go, so gotta give this only 3 different sized ropes out of 5. But worth a see for the next audience!

Unfortunately, the best word to describe #YesterdayReImagined at #wpgfringe is… clunky. The actors might improve if they relax into the roles, but there’s nothing to be done about that script. 1.5 cheating husbands out of 5.

Punderful and pleasantly weird, #TheBalladOfFrankAllen by @weepingspoon gets 3.5 heavy metal mermaids out of 5.

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