A reading slump not directly related to Netflix?

Hey folks. Usually when I’ve gone a while without reading, I can directly point to Netflix binge-watching as the cause. Not this month. For some reason, my (varied and dare I say impressive) to-be-read list sits unappreciated and untouched, while the “Suggestions for you” list on Netflix seems equally unappealing. Are the slowly lengthening days inspiring me to more active pursuits? Has my time spent writing increased? To both of these, I’ve got to say no. It is a mystery that remains unsolved.

So back to reading. The last thing I want is for reading to become a chore, so instead of forcing myself into one of the to-be-read books, I’m going to kick-start my reading mood with a beloved classic. I’m thinking the first in the A Dream of Eagles series… or maybe a couple Harry Potter picks. Ooh! Or To Kill a Mockingbird.

Okay. Now I’m excited again.

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