What I read this year

Hello lovely readers.

My birthday was on Monday (yay!), which signals the end of one reading year and the start of another. This year I read about 35 books… that I remembered to write down. I know that some were missed.

In my tracking sheet (sorted by completion date below), there is a conspicuous absence of books in March and April, but for the life of me I can’t recall what I was reading then. Oh well. Next year I’ll try to be a bit more dedicated to this tracking process.

Anyway, the actual excel spreadsheet also includes columns for:

  • genre
  • who/what recommended the book
  • my rating from -5 to +5; and
  • some additional key notes about the book (e.g. The Book Thief: WWII, wonderful metaphors, sad; Mrs. Dalloway: beautiful writing, insightful, difficult; Breakfast of Champions: Satire, creative, over-hyped, addictive)

…but I thought that would be a bit much to post here. Maybe I’ll add it as a separate permanent page.

Title Author last name Author first name Completed on
Y: The Last Man, Unmanned Guerra Pia & Vaughan, Brian K. 22-Dec-13
Book Thief, The Zuzak Markus 23-Dec-13
Ready Player One Cline Ernest 31-Dec-13
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Adams Douglas 1-Jan-14
Mrs. Dalloway Woolf Virginia 2-Jan-14
Extraordinary Gilmour David 3-Jan-14
Breakfast of Champions Vonnegut Kurt 10-Jan-14
Divergent Roth Veronica 21-Feb-14
Insurgent Roth Veronica 25-Feb-14
Allegiant Roth Veronica 27-Feb-14
Squirrel Meets Chipmunk Sedaris David 4-Mar-14
Naming, The Croggan Alison 3-May-14
Riddle, The Croggan Alison 6-May-14
Crow, The Croggan Alison 11-May-14
Gone Girl Flynn Gillian 23-May-14
Emancipation Day Grady Wayne 27-May-14
Slaughterhouse-Five Vonnegut Kurt 8-Jun-14
Sense and Sensibility Austen Jane 11-Jun-14
Pride and Prejudice Austen Jane 19-Jun-14
Fault in our Stars Green John 6-Jul-14
Persuasion Austen Jane 14-Jul-14
Northanger Abbey Austen Jane 16-Jul-14
Emma Austen Jane 26-Jul-14
Year of the Flood Atwood Margaret 11-Aug-14
Name of the Wind, The Rothfuss Patrick 4-Sep-14
I Capture the Castle Smith Dodie 14-Sep-14
Room Donoghue Emma 7-Oct-14
Cloud McCormack Eric 17-Oct-14
Y: The Last Man, Cycles Guerra Pia & Vaughan, Brian K. 17-Oct-14
Accidental Apprentice, The Swarup Vikas 12-Nov-14
Flamethrowers, The Kushner Rachel 14-Nov-14
Super Sad True Love Story Shteyngart Gary 21-Nov-14
Animal Farm Orwell George 22-Nov-14
Rabbit Run Updike John  in progress
Brothers Karamazov, The Dostoyevsky Fyodor  in progress

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