Innovation and Penguin PR: #TwitterFiction

Good morning dear readers.

How has the writing been going? Are the prompts helping? The quote from Emma led me to a  story of two upper-class girls in modern New York, but told as if they lived 200 years ago. Think “Gossip Girl” as narrated by Jane Austen. Really fun to write. I’d love to hear about where the prompts have taken you so far.

In other news:

Tomorrow is the beginning of Twitter Fiction Fest – a five-day online festival exploring the question, “Can one use Twitter to tell a story?”

Penguin Random House is the figurative host of this fiction party, having selected several Twitter authors to showcase . The neato thing about this charming PR gambit is the innovation in storytelling. It’s more than just writing in 140 character chunks; the chosen authors have employed creative techniques to take full advantage of the specific medium to which they’re bound.

Whether it’s linking photo- and video-sharing sites to their feeds to create a vivid sensory experience, or setting up feeds under the names of multiple characters to tell the story from several viewpoints at once, #TwitterFiction challenges the notion of what it means to be an author, and proves once again that it’s quality and not quantity that counts.

Follow @twfictionfest to indulge in the experience and use #TwitterFest to participate yourself. For good measure, also follow @americanpublish, @randomhouse, and @penguinusa. Oh, and me: @sarahelund.

S.E. Lund

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